Guest Speakers

Joe MilesEpisode 045 – The Asio Gear
Travis JohnsonEpisode 044 – Effective Game Call Technique
Travis StoweEpisode 043 – Funny Hunting Jokes! – HAHA
Travis Stowe & Scott NelsonEpisode 042 – Weekend Recap Success and Failure
Casey SmithEpisode 041 – Tips On Small Property Land Management To Yield Big Deer
Travis and ScottEpisode 040 – Get ‘er Done ~ Deer Season Opening Weekend 2016
Aaron NeilsonEpisode 039 – The 411 On African Lion Hunting (Part 2)
Aaron NeilsonEpisode 038 – The 411 On African Lion Hunting (Part 1)
Anthony DixonEpisode 037 – Alaska Caribou Do It Yourself Hunt
Cody DraperEpisode 036 – African Lion Hunt
Cam FossEpisode 035 – High Altitude Big Horn Sheep Hunting
Dan StatonEpisode 034 – Train Hard, Hunt Harder
Heather KellyEpisode 033 – Dehydrating Food Is Amazing with Heather Choice!
Brian PetrucciEpisode 032 – Gerber Knives
Tommy Hale: Graham Johnson: Andy Garcia: Episode 029 – Triple Threat Tactics On The Rut Phases!
Graham JohnsonEpisode 028 – The Winner of Our BowRush Fitness Challenge “Ryan Stickle” and Our First Listener Q&A.
Garret StembridgeEpisode 027 – Making Healthy Venison Jerky.
Brad ChristianEpisode 026 – Mathews Archery ~ Bow Manufacturer.
Dennis LewisEpisode 025 – Obsession Bows Archery ~ Bow Manufacturer.
Tommy HaleEpisode 024 – Why You Should Still Paper Tune Your Bow.
Justin MundayEpisode 023 – Build A Custom Arrow Spinner.
Anthony DixonEpisode 022 – Elite Archery ~ Bow Manufacturer with Anthony Dixon.
Zach HoltEpisode 021 – Hoyt Archery ~ Bow Manufacturer with Zach Holt.
Daniel GissendanerEpisode 020 – APA Archery ~ Bow Manufacturer from Canada with Daniel Gissendaner.
Tyler RoachEpisode 019 – Amazing Moose hunt with Tyler Roach.
Anthony DixonEpisode 018 – Keeping your bow tuned up!
Anthony DixonEpisode 016 – How to handle mental and physical fatigue during that shot opportunity.
Davie “Crockett” FerraroEpisode 015 – Off season fitness tips to keep you ready for next year.
Anthony DixonEpisode 014 – Top 3 things to ask for when looking for a new compound bow!
Jen “The Archer” CordaroEpisode 013 – Don’t be a defensive hunter, instead be reflexive – Jen “The Archer” Cordaro (Part 2)
Jen “The Archer” CordaroEpisode 012 – Vegetarian to hard core hunter – Jen “The Archer” Cordaro (Part 1)
Brandon RiceEpisode 011 – Gut checking moments from a passionate bow hunter
Shane DurranceEpisode 009 – Don’t straddle your buck when taking success photos
Anthony DixonEpisode 008 – Long distance sniper shooting with a bow
Phil MendozaEpisode 007 – Train to Hunt fitness tips that get you meat packing ready
Terry FraserEpisode 006 – Process Your Own Meat
Mark SeacatEpisode 005 – What makes a true hunting buddy
O’Neill WilliamsEpisode 004 – Deer Game Calls (Part1) – Basic Fundamentals
Monte PerronEpisode 003 – Hunting public land in the eastern states.
Evan WilliamsEpisode 002 – Hunting public land in the western states.

Public Figure

If you build it, they will come… That is true but we all know that sometimes its who you know that brings the crowd and we are blessed to have the opportunities to bring on guests that are well known in the industry. The public reach and celebrity status will help the BowRush Podcast legitimacy in the hunting industry as a source to provide great content to our listeners.

A Skilled Archer

We feel that sometimes the guru is just an everyday average person who love the the sports or hunting. We’re not just looking to have public figure, tv/magazine celebs, etc. We are also looking for the true down to earth hunter that has countless years of knowledge and is willing to share on the BowRush Podcast so that the next generation archers can listen in.

A Great Story

Sometimes it just takes a great hunting experience to share around a campfire to bring out the true enjoyment of bow hunting. One of our goals for the BowRush Podcast is to periodically bring on guests that can share some amazing stories they’ve personally had. Campfire stories bring out the comradery around us.

Product Reviews

Knowledge is king… That being said, getting the scope on the latest outdoor gear and sometimes oldie but goody as well is a must. We will have manufactures come on and allow them to talk about their latest product and or ones that just work. Its not a pitch to get you to buy their products, its more to allow you to know whats out there so you can be more educated when purchasing outdoor gear.

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