IMG_20141108_161904I love being in the outdoors and have enjoyed it all my life.  Since the age of 4, I’ve been a hunter so its easy to say that hunting is in my blood.  My family has been processing deer, hogs and other game animals longer then I can remember.

Growing up in a family that processing meat, it seemed like a good fit for me to worked for a game processor when I became of age.  Over the years I’ve had the pleasure in working for several processors and I’m grateful for mentors who were willing to teach me the things I need to be successful not only in field but in processing game correctly.  1998 was the year that I would say being my first official processing job and I still today take time to work for at a processor off and on to keep my skills up.

Anyone can process their own game meat but it takes skills to do it right.

– Terry Fraser

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