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travis stowe

I’m a happy father and I love to bow hunt.   I was introduced to hunting back when I was 12 years old but at that time I was only familiar with hunting using a rifle. It was 2009 when Scott convinced me to put the rifle down and try a bow.  There is something about hunting with a bow that makes the hunt even more challenging which is what I think drew me in.  I’ve always love hunting but now I feel I have a new passion for hunting because I hunt with a bow.  That doesn’t mean I won’t ever use a rifle again, it just means I prefer my bow over my gun these days.

What I like to do when I’m not hunting:
During the offseason of hunting, I like to section hike up the Application Trial, kayak down the Chattooga river through class III class IV rapids, fly fishing on the Chattahoochee River, and finding the perfect weather to take my son camping.

My Professional Life:
As much as I like to get away to the outdoors, I do have a professional life too.  Currently, I’ve been putting my technical mind toward inspecting roofs here in Georgia which is fun and refreshing.  For the past 17 years, I’ve worked as a freelance web designer and still do to this day.  I’ve had the pleasure to design for some great outdoor companies.  It’s because of the clients that I can work from home and have a closer relationship with my family which allows me to watch my son grow up and be there for him. That means more than anything to me.

Why podcasting?
I love listening to podcasts and there have been some good ones over the years regarding bow hunters. Lessening to podcasts helped me improve my ability as a bowhunter and while there a few other podcasts on bowhunters, I believe Scott and I have a different take on the subject and feel this is a great outlet for us.  I hope in time people will come to trust our BowRush Podcast as a source to learn more about bow hunting.

My current bow setup:

  • Bow – Mathews Drenalin @ 72.5 pounds
  • Sight – CBE Tek-Hunter Pro Camo
  • Rest – Quality Archery Designs: Ultra Rest HD Pro Series
  • String – Winners Choice
  • Arrows – 300 grain Radial X Weave: Still Hunter
  • Broadheads – Slick Trick Magnum 100gr
  • Release – Scott Archery
  • Bow Quiver – Trophy Ridge 1-Piece Detachable 5 Arrow Cage

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Sharing My Passion With My Son

Bow hunting is a huge passion of mine and now that I am a father, I want to share my passion of archery and bow hunting with him. He's not even a year old yet and I can see him smile when I am shooting my bow which is awesome.  He's now becoming of the age where he...

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My First Compound Bow! – 2009 Recap

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