Bow hunting is a huge passion of mine and now that I am a father, I want to share my passion of archery and bow hunting with him. He’s not even a year old yet and I can see him smile when I am shooting my bow which is awesome.  He’s now becoming of the age where he ‘s more alert to his surroundings which is perfect because the weather is cooler and this is a perfect time to start sharing all my outdoor passions with him. Who knows if my son will like hunting or even archery when he gets older, all I know is that I want to share with him the enjoyment I get from it and allow him to make his mind up on what he wants to pursue.

Monte Perron said it best in his outdoorfathers youtube video when he was talking about how he introduced his kids to hunting.  The idea is to take it slow and at their interest level.  Make each moment fun for them and realize at the end, its not for you, its for them.

Question… Are you a parent? If so, when did you start to introduce hunting and the outdoors to your kids?  I’d love to hear about what you did and how your kids came around to the idea of hunting animals.  Leave a comment below.

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