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A photo taken in 2012 of me after a 90 day workout challenge

Hey guys,  looking over last year and how I felt physically made me realize that going into 2015 I want to get back in shape.  Before I had my son, I had completed a fitness program called Jet Set Body, twice to be exact but that was in 2012.  In 2013 when my wife and I found out we were having a baby and dealing with all that and while I was trying to build my web design business, I didn’t get to the gym as much as I wanted.  Sure I worked out at the house but lets be honest, I could have done better.  Once my son was born, my time was even more limited and working out was kind of put on the back burner.

I don’t regret the choices I made during this time but I do know that I want to get back in to shape and lose the poundage that I put on… (but I don’t mean my bow)… and do it before next bow hunting season.  How am I going to do it?  well, taking on a challenge of course.  A good friend of mine referred me to a cleansing system plus their 16 week fitness challenge they offer when taking their products.  It didn’t take long for me to make my decision because I know the products provide amazing results based on the what I see from the fitness clients and models I do business with weekly that use it. It works for them so it should work for me. : )

What does that mean?  Well, on Monday January 12, and over the next 16 weeks, I’ll be on a workout routine that Jet Set Body provided me plus a clear diet plan while using a cleansing system and I don’t mean laxative.  During this time, I’m going to be posting on my personal websites with weekly updates on my progress.  I’m also going to update my progress here as well.  Why you ask?  Well being physically fit is an important part of being a hunter, especially a bowhunter in my opinion and while I could just say I’m going to do it, to me having told people, on the podcast and online makes damn sure that I complete it.

Follow my progress here as well as and let me know your thoughts and maybe even some encouragement along the way would be awesome.


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