Mark_SeacatIt was a real treat to have Mark Seacat on this episode.   Mark lives the dream life that most of us hunter only wish we could.  He gets to hunt all over the world and create awesome experiences while building a legacy that his kids can follow.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy this episode as we dive into many different topics.  You’ll hear Mark talk about the transition between extreme climbing to hunting while mixed in a few awesome hunting stories.  Plus, Mark shares is personal insight on how he feels the hunting industry, itself, is getting better.  And if you listen all the way through, he even talks about knowing who your true hunting buddies are and how you’ll know for sure, real quick, when they’re packing out your trophy animal. Needless to say this episode is jam packed full of killer nuggets that Mark shares, so don’t miss out.

Mark’s top five must haves on any backcountry hunt:

  1. Backpack – Stone Glacier
  2. Optics – Leica Hunting Optics
  3. Clothing – Sitka Gear
  4. Boots – La Sportiva
  5. Killer Food – * hint, he doesn’t pack ramen noodles.


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