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We had Monte Perron on as as a guest to talk about hunting public land in the eastern states.  Monte is very good at sharing wisdom through the art of stories and though we were talking more about hunting public land in the eastern states, a lot of his advice could be used anywhere.  There was a great point he mentioned throughout the podcast which is that your attitude is the key to a successful hunt.  You can’t always control the weather, the environment and or the people around you, but as long as you have a positive attitude, at least your time hunting in the public land will be a more enjoyable one.

Brief Show Notes:

  • Look for white oak tree acorns and southern chestnut oak acorns as deer might prefer that food source over other store bought feeds.
Photo of Acorns

Photo of White Oak Acorns

Chestnut Oak Acorn

Photo of Chestnut Oak Acorn







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