BR044 game call techniques

In this episode, we brought on Travis Johnson to give his take on how he preforms different types of game calls while in the field, hunting deer.  This is the perfect episode to publish as we are getting close to the rut phase.  The techniques that Travis talks about on this show are things that work for him, but even he says that what he does isn’t the only way to be effective. It’s just a way to preform some of the calls like doe bleats, buck grunts, rattling, etc.  The goals is to take what you hear and apply it to your own style. I want to go ahead and let you know that we had some technical difficulty during the show, but overall what we talk about is solid information. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

  • Travis started in the outdoor industry at the age of 4 years old.
  • The hunting industry isn’t all fun and games.  It’s work, like anything else.
  • Travis suggests that you don’t fall in love with hearing your game call, because you might end up calling too much.
  • There is a lot to understand when it comes to vocalization in game calls; however, it’s not as hard as you might think to start.
  • If you notice a buck and you do a call, assess the situation and see what the buck is doing in response before you call again so that you can adjust the approach for better reaction.
  • Don’t just buy a call and try it out the first time in the woods while you hunt.  Travis suggest to bring it with you while you’re driving around and get an idea on how you are making calls.  Get good beforehand.  The woods is not the time to start learning to call.
  • Have multiple calls with different sounds on hand to use so that you don’t need to reposition a multi tube call.  One suggestion would be to have a grunt call and maybe a “doe in a can” call for doe bleats.
  • Watch your moon phase as it will give you an idea on when you have a higher change to see activity.
  • Have confidence in your call.  The calls will work as long as you believe in your ability to use them.

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