BR040 deer opening weekend

In this episode, Scott and I (Travis) talked about what we expect this opening weekend for archery deer season 2016, here, in Georgia. Hunters in other states have already started filling the freezer and congrats to them, but it’s now our turn to “Get ‘er Done”.  We talked about some of the things that we’ll be using this year in the woods as part of our setup and a few tips that we’ve learned along the way. We’re both hunting in different locations in the state of Georgia and kind of have a rival on who is going to put one down first. It won’t be easy, it will be hot, but regardless of the weather we will be hunting.

Stay Save, Hunt Smart – Not Hard and as Larry the Cable Guy would say it…. Get ‘er Done!

Show Notes:

  • We went over a few things that we personally are doing and changing up for our own hunting situation and some ideology that we both agree on about hunting and hunters.

Travis’s Setup:

  • Bow:  Mathews
  • Broadheads:  SlickTricks
  • Clothing:  46Rail Jersey and old camo pants
  • Stand:  Millennium Stands M100u Hand-On
  • Safety Harness:  Trophyline Body Armour

Scott’s Setup:

  • Bow:  Elite
  • Broadheads:  G5 Montec
  • Clothing:  46Rail Jersey and old camo cutoffs
  • Stand:  Halk
  • Safety Harness:  Trophyline Body Armour

Photos that we spoke about on the show.  Could be a bear, could be Sasquatch.  What do you think?  Comment below.


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