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Zach Holt – Pro Staff and sales rep for Hoyt

Welcome back to another awesome addition of The BowRush Podcast.  This week we covered Hoyt bows with Zach Holt, who is a Pro Staff and sales rep for Hoyt.  You might be asking, why bring on a Pro Staff to speak about the company?  Simply put, they know the bows inside and out and what you will figure out soon enough about Zach during our conversation is that he doesn’t push the bow on you with a hard sell.  He was once a consumer just like all of us so he keeps his approach with that mindset that the end goal is to find the right bow for you. He’s confident that if you give Hoyt an honest chance then Hoyt will be one of your top picks. Zach is the type sale rep who I would like to personally deal with when the time comes to pick a new bow.

General show notes:
Hoyt’s game changer bow was the Carbon Matrix as it was by far the strongest bow Hoyt has ever built.  Fun fact:  Hoyt spent around 10 to 12 years in developing the original Carbon Matrix.  The key component that made it all work together was when they introduced the hollow carbon tubes which helped with the weight ratio.

Best Hoyt bow for the price: The Hoyt Charger.  It has a very similar pocket design and very similar multi layered laminated limbs as to their higher end line but with a price point package.  Zach’s personal opinion is that the Charger is the biggest value in the Hoyt lineup.  Depending on where you live, the price ranges between $599 to $649 walk out ready to kill.   The Charger also has a long draw version to 31 inches so for the guys who are 6’2 – 6’4 and still on a budget, the Hoyt Charger Long can meet their needs.

Zach spoke about really deep concepts to how bows are created.  One of the terms we covered was the dynamic efficiency and how it effects the cams on a bow.

What has always interested me about Hoyt bows is that they have a standard that the bow limbs must be able to withstand 1000 dry fires. The Hoyt risers have to be able to withstand 1500 dry fires with 30 inch draw and 80 pound let-off.  I personally learned the hard way what happens when you dry fire a bow – Scott dry fired my bow before I ever had a chance to shoot my first arrow through it and ended up snapping the string and damaging the cam.  It happens, it happened to me and it could happen to you. Knowing Hoyt builds their bows to withstand this issue is something to take in to consideration.

Zach gave a quote which makes perfect sense… “There is no free lunch in archery”.  He explains what he means on the show.

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