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Welcome back to another awesome addition of The BowRush Podcast.  In this week’s episode we cover a bow company that you may have never heard before, but they have been around for about 10 years.   The company is APA Archery ( and they are known for making one of the fastest, if not the faster, high speed bow on the market.  They’re a Canadian company, which might be the reason why you have never seen or heard of APA Archery until now.  We brought on Daniel Gissendaner, a Pro Staff for APA Archery.

General show notes:

The King Cobra bow has a IBO speed of 370.

Their best selling bow is the Mamba M34

You might start to notice that all their bow modules are based on different types of snakes.  The designs match features of snakes as well.

Most of the bow models that APA Archery makes have built in a unique tool kit that sets the bar in invitation. The only bow modules currently that don’t is the Viper Air, Copperhead LTI and the Rattler kids bow.

What is the Took Kit you ask?
Well for starters, you don’t really need a bow press anymore with these bows because they have what they call a cam locking system built right in that will allow you to change out the string to even the ability to do a quick twist or reposition the peep sight.  It has a broadhead wrench, a nock wrench and a knife sharpener.  You might be thinking, this is a gimmick, right? But if you think about it, each serves a purpose and Daniel shares why on the show.  Just take moment and think though, let’s say you were out west during a spot and stock hunt and you need to make some adjustments and or your string broke, what are you doing to do?   The system they created answers these issues in a fast effective way.

These are really interesting bows.  I personally got to shoot them with Daniel while he shared with me the different elements on why these bows are so unique and he was right!  If you are looking for a high speed bow, maybe APA Archery might be the company to look at.

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