anthonyWelcome back to another awesome addition of The BowRush Podcast.  I brought back Anthony Dixon again to help me personally with an issue I’ve been having revolving around my bow upkeep.  I know it’s important to keep my bow tuned up but I want to know why and Anthony is great with technical issues like this.

What is the telltale sign that your string is stretching?  You might start to notice that your peep sight is twisting and not centered when at full draw.  A simple solution is to have the string reset to half a turn. In some cases it could be set a full rotation of the string depending on the amount of stretch.

Tips from Anthony:

  • Give yourself at least 8 weeks before hunting season to get your bow checked out and serviced.
  • Make sure to purchase any new arrows ahead of time* weigh the arrows at the show to make sure they are all equally balanced.
  • Make sure to use the same broadheads.
  • Depending on the bow, you can periodically rub some oil around the cams and axles and use a toothbrush to help clean up your bow if you start to see dirt sediments forming.
  • If you start to see rust around the bolts, get some Testors model paint

How often should you service your bow?  Anthony made a good point that each person and the shooting style and the frequency in which you shoot your bow will weigh in on how often you need to get it checked out.  That being said, you should always keep your eye on the bow every time you shoot.

Anthony provides a simple way to insure your bow is in tuned: 

Set a target up with about 5 bulls eyes to practice.  Take 3 arrows and shot 1, 2 and 3 in a row.  Take the first arrow and color in the area with a black sharpie and write a #1 by it. Repeat for #2 and #3.  Shot again 3 times at each target spot and mark each shots on the paper.  You’ll start to see a pattern.  If your #2 and #3 are up and left for example, you can adjust your sight pins to chase the arrow.  If your sight is micro adjustable, you can move the sight pin to adjust the windage first which is your left and right.  After you adjust for windage, shoot 3 more rounds at the same 3 targets.  You should start to see your arrows more center though your elevation might still be slightly high.  The next step is to adjust the elevation by again chase the arrow and narrow down the offset of the shot placement.    This tuning method is very simple but it can tell you if your bow is on and if you are off. Pay more attention to your windage over elevation as the elevation is usually the lack of form.  Make sure not to do this type of tuning after workouts as it will have an effect on your shot placement which might give you false placement for adjustments.

The MOST important thing to take care on your bow if you can’t personally get your bow serviced is to take care of your string.

What is the knuckle tap on a bow and why is it effective? it’s a simple method to find vibration within the bow which could point to something that needs adjustment and or tightened.

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