It_was_a_good_day_for_deer_hunting_opWe had the pleasure of having O’Neill Williams on this episode to get his take on deer calls and how he using them effectively in the woods.  O’Neill has over 50 years of hunting so its safe to say hunting is in his blood.  The ideology behind his methods for hunting deer while using calls in the south east states comes with the minimalist mindset.  He sticks with the basics when using game calls to lurer in the deer.   Listen to the podcast to understand way.

Great Topics:

  •  O’Neill goes over having a minimalist mindset when using game calls.
  • We learn about his social reach though an old school but awesome method which is using AM radio waves.
  • We talk to O’Neill about bucks grunts, dow bleats and rattle sticks on when to use them and why.
  • We discuss his option about scent control.
  • O’Neill shares on a story about his biggest buck ever taken and how game calls help contribute to getting the job done.

Book List:

Legendary Whitetails Book Set I, II & III

O’Neill’s personal site: http://www.oneilloutside.com
Radio Show Info: http://www.oneilloutside.com/RadioMainPage.html
Radio RSS: http://feeds.feedburner.com/oneillwilliams



The question that O’Neill asked during this episode:

Q? Why does the rut in Georgia start in November but Alabama’s rut starts in January?
** hint… its not the moon face nor the weather as those only changes the activity level but it does not change the timing of the rut.

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